I turned on my computer to type a few new year’s reflections, to talk about my One Little Word for 2016, and my hopes for a calm and centered trip around the sun over the coming year.

And then we had an earthquake. Just a little one, 4.5 magnitutde, but enough the rattle my nerves. And to feel like just maybe the Universe was sending a big, fat “HA!” my way.

My word for the year of 2016 is Peace. Ha.


Earthquake or no earthquake, that’s what I hope to focus on in 2016. I’ve been practicing the One Little Word thing (inspired by Ali Edwards) since 2013, when I chose Embrace. 2014 was Bloom. 2015 was Intention. To be honest, I thought I might go with Shine for 2016 but over the past few days, peace just spoke louder and louder.

2015 was a very good year, but it was also full of growing and stretching and taking leaps. In 2016, I want to focus on self-care. I want to do something creative every day. I want to read more books and spend less time on my phone. I want to continue to deepen my yoga practice. I want to write in my journal. I want to be more gentle with myself and my expectations.

Of course, as the earthquake so gently reminded me, we can’t always control everything and force things to go smoothly. So, I want to keep peace in my heart, and be intentional about how I choose to respond to stressors. I want to continue to let go of anxiety and perfectionism.

It’s a tall order, but it’s also a relaxed one. I’m hoping that it might include creating more and posting more in this space, but I’m not making any promises. I am however, knitting some socks (a belated xmas gift) and I’ll be participating in the Downton Abbey mystery knitalong (disclosure: if the construction is too unconventional, I will not feel guilty about abandoning the KAL and picking my own pattern. Peace, remember?) So, knitting is happening, and Kellen got me a new laptop for Christmas, so the odds are in my favor for posting more. We shall see.

In the meantime, best wishes for a peaceful 2016!



Hats for Sydney

Somehow, my tiny baby niece turned 2 last Friday. A few months ago, my brother sent me a photo of her looking adorable in her pumpkin hat, along with the comment, “she loves hats. Knit more.”

Well okay then.

First up, we have an apple hat, which I basically just made up on the fly. I did use Nikki Epstein’s edging book for the leaves, though. This was knit in Cascade sport weight. I won a second place ribbon in the fair for it, so I’m calling it a win!

Then I knit the Purl Bee Garter Ear Flap Hat, in Plymouth Yarn Company’s Gina, which is a nice rustic-y wool. This pattern was SO fun. I definitely want to make one for myself, minus the little top knot I added for Sydney.
Then I had to knit something pink, because Sydney and I share a serious love of pink. Cascade Cash Vero was on sale at my LYS and what two year old doesn’t need a hat with a touch of cashmere? I knit Ode To Summer, which was another super fun pattern. It came out amazingly squishy in the cash vero, and the pattern itself was a really interesting, but not overly challenging knit.

Knitting these little hats made for great instant gratification projects, and hopefully they’ll keep Sydney cozy this fall and winter!

Feeling Fall

It’s that time. And you will not hear me complaining one bit. A few drops of much needed rain, a crispness in the air, pumpkin spice lattes  (of course), and fall candles. There’s something so grounding about the return of fall.
It's that time...
I started gathering fabrics for a fall quilt, too. I have no intention of starting or finishing it this year, but just collecting has brought me a lot of joy. I’m attempting to finish all eight of my nieces and nephew’s quilts by Christmas, and then enjoying a gloriously selfish crafting year next year. Fall Fabrics
One of the wonderful things about living in our new house is I actually have a little space to decorate. On September 1st, I started slowly packing up my spring/summer mantle decorations and sprinkling in the autumn. I’ll switch to Halloween on October 1st, and then rotate back in the autumn with a heavy dose of Thanksgiving-y on November 1st.
I felt inexplicably drawn to this door decoration from Michaels. I’m not thrilled with the wonky looking font but the colors are really beautiful in real life. And I’m a sucker for door decor. IMG_2671
That’s a little peek of our fall mantle in progress. When in doubt, more pumpkins.

Craft Camp!

Where did the month of August go?! Time is seriously flying by. Before we get to September, I want to share something fun my mom and I did in July- craft camp! We’ve gone on a crafting retreat at a hotel with the same group of ladies for several years (I think eight, but we’ve lost count) but this year it didn’t work out at the hotel so we went to another lady’s house which she built specifically to host craft camps. After so many years at the hotel, I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was so amazingly fun, relaxing, and beautiful. I didn’t want to leave!
For one, the place was beautiful. All my favorite flowers, sparkling pool, warm sunshine. And an air conditioned garage/studio space where we all had our own six foot tables to spread out and craft. Summer Sampler in the PoolNo better place to work on The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery’s summer sampler than poolside, right? Sport
This is Sport, professional craft camp assistant. He kept my mom and I company and offered assistance by flopping down on any piece of fabric within sight. Sewing Helper

Craft Camp Projects
I managed to be pretty productive! I worked on a shawl, finished knitting an apple hat for my niece, stitched a square of the summer sampler,  made a zipped pouch and a box bag, and finished a quilt top for my nephew!
Max's Quilt It’s nice to have a whole weekend dedicated to being creative without worrying about the laundry, dishes, etc. I can’t wait to go again!


Kellen and I love to travel. We are the perfect balance of overplanning (me) and going with the flow (him) and we have the same priorities when it comes to enjoying a trip (snacks! not overscheduling!) and we truly just enjoy ourselves when we get away. This year, with moving into our new place, our car payment, and savings plans, a big trip wasn’t in the cards, but fortunately for us, we live in a beautiful area, and we love to camp!
Tall TreesKellen’s mom got us a new tent for our birthdays and we put it to good use at a state park about 45 minutes from home. Since it’s such a short drive, we headed out on a Friday afternoon and still managed to have a great, full weekend. Campfire KnittingWe ate smores (Dandies to the rescue with vegetarian marshmallows. The stuff of dreams), played board games (Kellen won at scrabble, I won at Brewmasters), hiked in the redwoods, swam in the river, and relaxed in the sunshine. I also discovered that noro kureyon is the perfect camping yarn. Rustic and warm and when you drop it and it gets covered in redwood needles, you can’t really tell!
Campsite knittingI also enjoyed being completely unplugged. There was no cell phone service at all, and that’s exactly what I needed to put my damn phone down for once. We’re so lucky to live in such a beautiful area, and I enjoyed getting some knitting done without checking instagram every other row, lol. I’m hoping to make it back at least once before fall!

Let it go, let it go!

I’ve never seen Frozen. However, I have seen my niece shriek, “It’s exactly what I wanted!!” when she opened her Frozen coloring book from us at Christmas, and I am not above buying into Disney trends for niece excitement. Plus, I am a Once Upon a Time fan, and I loved Elsa in the last season. And as someone who tends to stress and also loves yoga, “Let it go” speaks to me.

I had been wanting to make my nieces (sisters, three years apart) pajamas, and when I saw this Frozen flannel with “Sisters Forever” on it, it was meant to be.
Frozen jammies in progress. Bitterick 4910.

I used Butterick 4910,  View D, although I modified the little sister’s to be short sleeved, both because I ran out of fabric, and because they live 700 miles away so I couldn’t measure arms and make sure the sleeves wouldn’t be dragging all over.
Frozen jammies for my nieces. Butterick 4910.
I also included a vaguely snowflakey edging, from Joann’s, to add a little princess-y factor. It was sort of a pain to work with and was more expensive than the flannel itself, but I think it came out okay. The pattern was great and I’ll definitely be using it again for my other niece.

It’s a little unnerving sewing for someone far away because I never know if it will fit (and getting measurements from my sister-in-laws is a challenge) and I don’t know if they’ll like it. But, I packed these up in Frozen wrapping paper, tucked in some Target dollar spot Frozen Socks and a Frozen matching game, and stamped snowflakes all over the box. So even if the jammies don’t fit, at least they should have fun getting Frozen mail! It’s hard being so far away from 6 of my 7 nieces and nephews so I try to send some fun things in hopes they don’t forget who we are, lol.

Online Journaling

I miss blogging. No, scratch that. I miss having an online journal. I started “blogging” 16 years ago, on Blurty. Back when Livejournal was oh-so hip and you had to have an invite code. I eventually traded some mail art for an invite code (how crazy is that! I think I actually taught myself about Artist Trading Cards so I could make some just to get the code) but anyway, after that I was on livejournal for years and years before switching to blogspot for more exclusively knitting related stuff, then moving that all over to wordpress, where I am this very minute.

Ravelry and instagram are great and all, but I really miss the old days. Where we didn’t just blog, we journaled. I totally get why it’s died out because the internet has gotten so much bigger (um, hello grandmas and bosses and god-knows-who-else googling you…although my aunt used to read my livejournal and report back to my dad. So much for telling the internet about going on The Pill in highschool.) It’s the same reason I stopped making zines, I think. Who needs to sell their secrets for a dollar in the age of privacy settings?

I googled “personal craft blog” to see if anyone was still doing what we were doing in 2005 and all the search results were about making money off your blog, your “brand,” page views, getting traffic from pinterest….just no.

So, whatever. My blurty and my livejournal and my zines were just me stepping up to an open mic. Talking to an empty room. I can still do that. I can still talk about my life and what I’m making. I can still step up to my open mic and talk to my empty room. So, here’s what’s going on in my life and what I’m making.
WeekendingThis is some yarn I dyed myself at a workshop at a local yarn store. I took the workshop twice and this is my absolute favorite skein. I’m thinking of calling it “smoke in the rose garden” or something equally moody but perhaps slightly less emo. I’m knitting Cirkels with it and I love it so far. It’s going really fast.

Last Friday night I had a migraine and had to miss out on an impromptu game night which sucked because it was a Friday night with no plans! But I slept it off and had an awesome Saturday with that perfect balance of lazy and productive. I slept in. I knit. I got up and did laundry and cleaned the house. I watched Christmas in July TV movie marathons on the Hallmark Channel (there is no shame in my game) and I worked on my niece’s quilt. Bennette's quilt fabrics
I am really trying to actually finish things, and I’ve had her quilt top done for awhile. I had a lot of extra fabric, so I pieced the quilt back while watching Captain America for the one millionth time. It never gets old. Or, more specifically, Chris Evans (with no beard) never gets old. But anyway, quilt progress! Quilt Back
Don’t worry, I pressed everything before I pieced it. It’s so nice to actually have floor and table space for sewing in our new house. I’m feeling much more productive. Today I’m going to work in the garden a little bit, hopefully finish a hat and work on my Summer Sampler. Kellen’s on a mission to re-play all of his xbox games before the new playstation comes out, so that give me plenty of time for projects.